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Use These Tips to Keep Your White Room Pristine

At Grand Homes, we understand that homeowners’ decor choices are extremely important. After all, one’s home should serve as an expression of its owner’s unique tastes. Some people go for the unconventional, while others stick to the tried and true. One classic look that never goes out of style is complementing your room’s white walls with white decor. 

Pulling off this look is daunting. If you don’t strike the right balance between all the elements in the room, the space will look stark and jarring. Nobody wants their home to look like the inside of a hospital. Secondly, maintaining it can be very demanding. In this article, we’ll cover important tips you’ll need to make your white room gleam and look pristine.

The Walls

One thing more people know is that their vacuums aren’t just for their floors. They’re a handy tool you can use to keep your walls clean. Vacuuming your walls helps prevent dust & dirt buildup, and it helps you keep your white walls luster just a little longer.

Another thing that helps your walls maintain your walls is picking high-quality paint. It’s a worthwhile investment. High-quality paints don’t stain easily. Keep some extra paint stowed away somewhere. When your walls get stained, you can grab a brush and give your wall a touch-up.

Remember, walls in different rooms require different treatment. For instance, your kitchen will need more frequent maintenance due to the grease and grime from the constant cooking.


What good is a white room if its furniture is dingy and discolored? Taking care of your upholstery is central to keeping your space looking pristine. The first tip we’d give you is to buy slipcovers for your white upholstery. 

Slipcovers are protective, fitted covers that you slip over pieces of furniture. We recommend getting covers which fit your furniture snugly. They can be washed and bleached to preserve their whiteness.

You should vacuum your sofas often. It will help prevent dirt buildup on your couch. One investment we recommend for upholstery owners is buying a steam cleaner that is particularly effective because most stains dissolve in the water from the steam.

White Floors

To limit the chances of staining your white floors, you should place doormats inside and outside every entrance of your home. In addition, we recommend Keeping a shoe rack or shoe bin where people can put their shoes away. This way, your guests won’t track dirt all over the house. 

Be sure to clean the dirt on your floors immediately before it’s been able to set into your floors. Another measure you can take is vacuuming your floors often to pick up the dirt.

If you’re thinking of putting down a colorful rug, make sure you put a backing of some sort in between your floor and the carpet. The backing prevents any dyes or dirt from transferring to the floor. Additionally, feet glides under your furniture’s feet will ensure that your floors don’t get scraped when your furniture shifts. 

White rooms call for a great deal of care and attention. However, they make for stunning, serene spaces when they’re well-cared-for. Whether you’re pairing you’re contrasting your white walls with black accents or you’re pairing them with natural materials, they won’t have the same effect if your whites are anything less than pristine. If you’re a new homebuyer searching for houses that complement white interiors, talk to a Grand Homes expert now. We would be more than happy to help.