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Interior Design Trends for 2022

Interior design evolves and changes with the times. However, like film and fashion, interior design trends sometimes call for innovation, and other times they ask us to reincorporate vintage, retro elements. Staying abreast of trends ensures that your spaces remain eye-catching and functional – among other things.

Plants Add to Any Space

One of the first trends we see is people incorporating more plants in their decor. Indoor greenery has been linked with a host of benefits for its owners. Plants help boost their owners’ moods, memory and overall health over extended periods, and they add a charm to spaces that many furniture pieces fail to capture.

Add Pops of Color

We’ve also seen that all-white interiors are on their way out – even in bathrooms. White’s starkness, especially under harsh light, is a bit jarring. All-white arrangements convey an air of pristineness, but they often come across as a bit cold and impersonal. As a result, another trend is coming to the forefront.

More people are opting for more colorful interiors. Pastels, in particular, have become increasingly popular with homeowners looking to ditch the monotonous grays that many have settled into. In fact, many people are moving away from monochromatic color schemes to eclectic accents and hues. 

Opt for Natural Materials

Natural materials are starting to feature more heavily in people’s homes. Wood, stone and leather quickly became many families’ go-to’s, and plastics are on their way out. The shift towards organic and natural decor has been emphasized by the increased incorporation of granites, marbles and quartzites in everything from countertops to stools.

Vintage Pieces Add Individuality

Remember the traditional floral prints you’d find all over your granny’s house? Well, it turns out they’re back in style. Cleverly dubbed “grandmillennial” or “grandma chic”, your can pair them with antique pieces. However, don’t go overboard with it. The rustic aesthetic is at its best when it’s employed in moderation.

Incorporate Arches & Softer Lines

Interior design is starting to gravitate towards softer, wavier lines and arches. Strict, harsh lines might be synonymous with the modern style that so many homeowners crave for. However, not only are softer lines less jarring but arches – in your home’s design and your decor – help elevate your space off the linear path.

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