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Do Fences Increase the Property Value of Your Home?

People may choose to install a fence around their properties for several reasons. They may want to enhance their privacy, stop wild animals from accessing the yard, keep kids and pets safe, and improve the general look of their homes. A fence can add property value to the residence, and here is a look at how a fence increases the property’s value.

Safety for the Occupants

Most people install fences for privacy and safety. They create a border that shows where the property ends or a section dedicated to a purpose. Fences provide additional security, and there is little risk that animals or people will trespass on a fenced property.

This sense of security makes the home more appealing to potential customers than unfenced ones. Most families may want to pay a little more to have a fence around their home, which is advantageous to the homeowner.

Curb Appeal and Aesthetics

Curb appeal is the attractiveness of the home. An attractive fence improves the home’s look, making it irresistible to any potential buyer. A well-kept, clean fence exudes elegance and serves as an expression of a well-kept structure and buildings.

The home’s physical appearance is the first thing that influences the decision to buy. Some real estate experts estimate that having a beautiful fence in front of a house increases its value by nearly 20 percent, which is a massive jump in value compared to the cost of installing the fence.

The Worth of the Fence in Property Value Calculations

When calculating the value of a home, valuers also include the cost of other structures such as the fence and patio. The value increase will depend on the type of fence and the maintenance status. If the homeowner has installed a beautiful, expensive fence, they will recover the cost in the selling price or the equity evaluation.

Good-looking fences with lower maintenance, such as wood or picket fences, will attract more potential buyers than a tall live fence that must be trimmed. However, the fence would be a value center if the potential buyers look for added functionality such as improved greenery and shade. Buyers would also factor in the cost of maintaining the fence.

The Quality of Installation Affects the Value

Homeowners can buy materials and install the fence independently or hire a professional installer to do the work for them. There is a vast difference between professionally installed fences and those that anyone has installed.

A professionally installed fence is likely to look better, hold on for longer, and is easy to maintain. Interestingly, customers will notice the difference. A professionally installed one will have a higher value and increase the property value.

Any homeowner out there should consider having a fence around their property. It is not a small project as it adds value to the property that is many times more than the installation cost. Contact us at Grand Homes for advice on the installation of the preferred fence.