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What Is Cottagecore Design?

One of the most popular recent trends in home design is called cottagecore. Many new homebuyers are requesting designs in this culture, and more are expected to follow. By designing cottagecore into a new home build from the ground up, the whole property becomes extra special.

What Is Cottagecore

Cottagecore is more than aesthetics. Cottagecore represents a changed lifestyle and a return to the grassroots way of living experienced by pioneers and farming communities. While society today is racing towards more advanced technology, cottagecore loyalists are retreating to simpler ways.

How To Implement Cottagecore Into Your Home

  • Embrace Florals. Cottagecore thrives on plants, both indoors and outdoors. Homeowners want to design plenty of free areas for greenery throughout the house, plus extra space for hanging baskets. Entire rooms may be designated for accommodating plants and indoor gardens. Extra windows may also be needed to provide additional sunlight exposure. To match the growth, floral patterns and designs may be chosen within the home, plus earth tones and pastels for colors.
  • Go Thrifting. One of the main attractions to cottagecore is the return to a simpler, older style of living. Furniture, wall decorations, yard ornaments, and even silverware and place settings are often found in thrift stores, auctions, or flea markets. Rustic designs, mostly wood-based, are perfect for the atmosphere and earthy culture desired.
  • Wood Flooring and Cabinet Design. Traditional wood floors, cabinets, doors, and trim work create natural beauty throughout the home. Unpainted and hand-polished, the woodsy aura blends well with the house plants and adds to the homebuyer’s atmosphere.
  • Expanded Kitchen. With the return to home baking, natural food preservation, and old-school meal creations, the kitchen and pantry areas see more use than ever before. Be sure to allow extra space for both storage and work areas, and for accumulated home-canned goods, garden produce, and dried herbs.
  • Ventilation and Fresh Air. Steering away from forced-air controlled temperature environments, cottagecore homes enjoy lots of fresh air. Homeowners may want to design the structure with windows to catch the breezes from any direction and let them flow.
  • Landscaping. Cottagecore design is also seen outside the home through landscaping and gardening. Landscaping techniques are adjusted accordingly by the homeowner, away from purely aesthetic to practical and productive. Fruit trees, raised seedbeds, and movable potted plants are common. Utilizing the outdoors is an important part of the culture, employing every area around the house as much as possible.

About Grand Homes

Grand Homes is an established leader in home design and construction. Our design team can capture your cottagecore desires and implement them into the home of your dreams. Our professional staff can guide you through the entire process from financing to finish, and help you step into your own special world. Give us a call today, and see how becoming a cottagecore homebuyer is easier than you might imagine.