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Fun & Easy Ways to Personalize Your Space

Fun and Easy Ways to Personalize Your Space

Are you on the hunt for fun, easy ways to personalize your space and make it yours? You don’t need to hire a contractor to do a remodel, or find a designer to make a space yours. There is an abundance of ways you can elevate and personalize your space. Here are a few ideas you might want to try!

Gallery Wall

Nothing says home, like having pictures of days gone by, keepsakes, and mementos hanging on the wall. Have you picked up hanging wall decor as a memento of your travels? Maybe you’ve collected a few postcards here and there. Combining pictures and a few of these items can make for a very unique and interesting gallery wall. Put the postcards in frames or search Pinterest for a DIY picture display. Hang these along with snapshots beside elegantly framed pictures and any other decor you find meaningful for a fun look.

Accent Pillows, Rugs, and Throws

Throwing a rug down in your living room, office space or bedroom instantly brings a cozy and homey feel. Add a coordinating throw and a few fun patterned pillows and take it to the next level. If you’re worried about getting the colors and patterns right, an easy rule is to stick to three colors. Patterns are fun but don’t go overboard on the bold ones. Stay within your color pallet and try to find small prints and patterns if you don’t want it to get too busy.

Stick-on Tile and Wallpaper

When it comes to a rental house, dorm room, or apartment, you might think there’s no changing it. But thanks to stick-on tile and peel-and-stick wallpaper that’s not the case. Is that yellow vinyl on your bathroom floor grossing you out? Cover it up and immediately elevate and personalize your space with stick-on tile. Create a beautiful accent wall in your bedroom with peel-and-stick wallpaper.

Wall Decor

No matter where you live you can always hang your wall decor throughout your space. Family pictures, framed, meaningful quotes and art bring your personal touch to any space. Hanging pictures on the wall makes a house feel like home.


Houseplants bring life to any space. They’re not for looks only though. Houseplants clean the air and increase the oxygen making them multi-purpose you might say. Try hanging a Crying Ivy or Wondering Jew by the kitchen window. Succulents are beautiful gracing your coffee tabletop or decorating your bookshelf.

Candles, and Diffusers

Bringing a familiar smell is an important component of personalizing any space. Candles and diffusers also add a touch of beauty along with their fragrances. You can find diffusers made of wood, metal, glass, marble, or stone. Pick one that makes a statement or brings a subtle touch of color to your space. Candles come in all shapes and sizes. You can find them made with soy wax or paraffin. Pick from those made with essential oils or artificial fragrances.

No matter where you live or work you can personalize your space in fun and easy ways. It doesn’t need to be expensive and you don’t have to do a full remodel. You’ll be surprised when you combine these ideas and see the change in the look and feel of your space. Find out more when you go to