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Essential Tips for Decorating Your First Home

Decorating your first home can be overwhelming – especially for newbies. It’s not as straightforward as laying down furniture in a space. Giving cohesion and character to your home requires nuance and a healthy respect for interior design principles. However, we believe first-time homeowners can build a solid foundation for their home’s decor by following a few simple tips.

Household Essentials are Key

The first tip we would give any first-time home decorator would be to invest in the absolute essentials first. These items – beds, sofas & dining tables – will often serve as the cornerstone of each room’s aesthetic. Sometimes, people get too wrapped up in the accessories and accent pieces, but without core pieces, it can be harder to create harmony between your room’s elements.

Once you’ve got a few essential pieces together, don’t be in a hurry to get all the little accessories immediately. We often tell our new homeowners to take a little time to live in their space and familiarize themselves with their rooms’ dimensions and idiosyncrasies. That way, when you go furniture shopping, your selections will be better informed and better suited to your home’s more unique aspects.

Invest in Versatile Furniture

Another tip we give a lot of homeowners is to pay attention to decor that you can bring along. Let us explain. According to the American Community Survey, 13% of Americans move yearly. Even if you’re keen on laying down roots, few homeowners can expect to stay in the first home they purchased. For this reason, we recommend paying attention to your home’s more versatile furniture pieces.

For instance, if you moved, you would be able to bring your sofa, tables and beds along. However, you wouldn’t be able to bring your wallpaper or countertops, and you’d have to be extremely lucky if your first home’s curtains perfectly fit your next home’s windows. Once again, if there are any items you want to splurge on, it’s versatile, big-ticket items, e.g. sofas, tables, wardrobes, etc.


Decorative Art 

Another recommendation we often make for first-time homeowners is to buy as many decorative art pieces as possible. Not only are many of them easily transportable, but art can also add flair to an otherwise drab room. 

Paintings and sculptures can serve as a room’s focal point. However, you don’t want to overdo it. Your home is a home, not an art gallery. To achieve a certain level of harmony within your space, you should stick to no more than two focal points per room.

Understand Your Preferred Decor Style 

We recommend selecting your decor style early on (modern, traditional, minimalist) and learning its unique color schemes, design elements and wall art styles. Having a working understanding of your home’s different styles informs your furniture selections. It also gives you your best shot at creating a harmonious, cohesive look in every room in your home.

Multipurpose decor should be a first-time homeowner’s go-to. Is there any good reason why your footstool shouldn’t double as magazine storage? No, there isn’t. In the kitchen, pour your spices into glass jars and let their different colors adorn your space. Storage furniture also comes in handy in the bathroom and bedroom, where clutter can accumulate over time.

Avoid a Cluttered Space

Lastly, we advise everyone to let their furniture BREATHE. By this, we mean that you should allow at least four to six inches of space between your furniture and its closest wall. Though some may argue that it takes up floor space, it gives your room an airier feel and you won’t have to worry about messing up your wallpaper or paint in the process.

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