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Top 5 Design Trends for New Homes

Dining room of a home wit a round mirror, large plant, lamp, dining room table, rug and chairs, and chandelier

Building a luxurious home is everyone’s ultimate life goal. However, it takes a lot more than simple ideas to come up with breath-taking home designs. It involves various architectural plans and visualizations, which at times prove pretty involving. What’s more home design trends change continuously; new styles, colors, and trends are introduced every day. If looking for the latest design trends, here are the top five to incorporate into your new home.

Executive Home Office Space

A home office is among the top home design trends in the world owing to the sole reason of the Corona Virus that has made everyone work from home. A well-accommodating office space with a desk, decorative shelves, and cabins for storage as well as a quite space for virtual meetings is a must in new homes. The home office should also be functional, organized, and suits your personal preferences.

Up-to-Date Kitchen

For the kitchen, there are multiple new design trends you might want to consider. But a kitchen with an executive finish and all the modern equipment you need for meal preparation stands out. Smart faucets for water filtering and glass countertops are among the top trendy ideas new homeowners are going for.

Health and Wellness Facilities

Home designers are currently designing homes with both exercise and self-care areas for optimal rejuvenation. Some designs include infra-red saunas and steam rooms. With all these comes with unique lighting considerations. The saunas also match with the floor tiling beautifully as well as the entire interior décor. The wellness facilities can also be installed outside the house for relaxing outdoors.

Multifunctional Rooms

Combining rooms with other areas rooms of the home continues to be a top trend in home design. For example, combining the playroom with the child’s bedroom or putting together a kitchen with a dining room area. One can cook and socialize at the same time It is also the perfect idea for maximizing space for homes with small home floorplans.

The Color Green

Blue was trending in 2020, this year green is trending in the home design industry. Whether it’s the living room, bedroom or kitchen cabinets, green will bring feelings of relaxation to any new home. Many home designers are combining green walls or cabinets with whites or neutral colors to obtain a fresh and revitalizing design. Modern green furniture will add pop to the home. Also having indoor door plants will add some visual appeal and improve indoor air quality as people strive for a healthy lifestyle.

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