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How to Design the Perfect Landscape for Your Home

home with landscape

Many of us love to spend time outdoors. Whether it’s grilling for family and friends or just lounging around the poolside. And who wouldn’t want an outdoor space that really feels like a second living room — one that is appealing and comfortable? Now, this is what a perfect landscape brings to the table. In addition to giving your home the curb appeal it deserves, it also brings balance, harmony, and beauty to your outdoor areas.

When it comes to designing a landscape, there aren’t any right or wrong answers. Some people like the pristine look of hand-trimmed shrubs and perfectly manicured trees. Others prefer some wildflowers and twining vines to add a little color and playfulness to their yards. Whatever the design, it all comes down to what pleases you most.

Whether you’re a home buyer or a homeowner looking to redesign your yard, you want your home to reflect your personality. With that said, here are some tips to design the perfect landscape for your home.

Opposing Colors/Textures Work Better

When creating a landscape, there is power in contrasts. Applying a variety of textures and colors, with different plant forms and shapes, will make a garden more dynamic. Add in some flowers, herbs, and veggies for an artistic display.

Plant Close Together

Fill your garden with lush, tropical plants for a beautiful display—and maybe even save on some maintenance. Plant neat, straight rows of close-together shrubs to give the illusion of the garden bed being wider. This acts as a great visual trick for maximizing your growing space.

As your plants grow up and out of the ground, the root systems intertwine, keeping close together while making sure they have enough room to grow. Close planting also keeps weeds at bay.

Plan Your Garden With Height in Mind

When planning your garden beds, keep in mind that tall plants should go in the back. This will both balance the visual interest in your garden and ensure that taller plants won’t block shorter plants from receiving plenty of sunshine.

Drainage Is Key

Whether you’re building your dream garden or redoing your lawn, it’s important to have the right amount of water drainage. This allows for the perfect amount of sun light, nutrients and water to reach your plants roots, keeping them healthier than ever. Plugging ditches, using containers or raised beds may help provide the extra drainage needed for your landscape.

Fill in the Empty Spaces

This applies especially to your front yard. It is easy to forget to fill in the spaces between the sidewalk and the street. Also ensure there are no patches on your lawn as this greatly decreases the aesthetic appeal to your outdoor space.

Get Professional Landscaping with Grand Homes

When it comes to landscaping, you might have a specific vision of how you want your garden to look. Whether you want manicured hedges that are professionally pruned or a freeform garden that is uniquely designed, we have the expertise you need. There are so many ways to customize your landscape, so let our specialists help.

At Grand Homes, we strive to provide the highest quality service with uncompromising excellence. We start by understanding your individual needs then customizing our services to meet them. With affordable pricing that’s backed by exceptional service, you can be sure to get the landscape you’ve always dreamed of. Contact us.