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The Most Important Exterior Feature for Your Home  

How a property looks on the outside, the aura it exudes, and the practical features it contains are essential aspects of turning a house into a home. Aside from curb appeal, exterior features also add to the home’s value. You can keep your new home attractive and functional with these external elements.


Amazing home transformation begins with the windows. Windows are an excellent option to spruce up your property because they have double functions. They are essential for interior and exterior spaces. Choose windows that complement the property’s architectural style to get the most out of their allure. You can accentuate the window appeal with colored frames. Additionally, orient your windows according to the sun’s direction to get maximum lighting without the accompanying scorching.

Porches and Patios

Porches, decks, and patios are an ingenious way of extending the living space in the outdoors. They provide alternative sitting, entertaining, or relaxing areas. You get to enjoy the weather and have beautiful moments in the privacy of your own home.

You can add other elements to the back porch to make the place come alive. A fire space, low garden lighting, and a furnace area for beautiful evenings with friends and loved ones are examples of other outdoor pieces you can include in the patio or porch.

A Garden Feature

A garden space improves a home’s curb appeal and provides practical solutions. Today, a private outdoor area is an essential aspect of living. The green life is also on-trend—people cherish organic gardens for herbs and spices or planters.

A Swimming Pool

A swimming pool is an asset to include if you plan to sell your home. The external feature is also an inexpensive solution to spending time with loved ones. Homes with swimming pools have more demand in the market than those without one.

Nicely Manicured Lawns

A polished front yard increases the desirability of a home. Cut the grass, prune the shrubs and trees, and remove weeds from the garden to improve the home’s appearance. Another bonus for having a well-groomed front yard is that lawn maintenance does not break the bank.

Landscape Lighting

Lights do more than boost vision at night—they also provide a beautiful aesthetic of the landscape at night. Lighting also permits night outdoor activity.

Different outdoor lightings provide a unique ambiance in the outdoor space. You can choose in-ground or deck lights to illuminate the garden, pathway, or deck. You can also mount string lights on trees for decorations or have LED lights for a more realistic effect on planters, wall edges, or water features.


Homeowners want privacy without feeling caged in their property. You can enhance the new home’s security using trees as barriers. The tree height and dense leaves seclude the property without taking away from the beauty of the landscape. Trees also make the place green all year round.

You can also include a low-wall fence to demarcate your property line. Low barriers also serve as sitters. You can also mount lights for night security on the low wall. Additionally, you can plant shrubs or hedges to capitalize on nature and safety.

Choose Grand Homes For Quality Exterior Features

At Grand Homes, we are experts at creating quality external features for homes. We assess, design, and create beautiful outdoor spaces to improve a home’s value and curb appeal. Let us handle the exterior of your new property for you. Reach us at 214-750-6528 for more on our services.