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How to Make Your Hallways Inspiring Design Statements  

Your hallway doesn’t have to be dark and boring. This area connects and leads you to other rooms in your house. You can use some inspiring designs to add excitement while reflecting your style. Since it is the first impression people get of your home, add some elegance and homeliness using simple ideas that include:

Add Cozy Furniture Pieces

Instead of leaving your hallway empty, add some beautiful furniture pieces. It becomes a nice introductory area where guests can sit while waiting to enter other rooms. Furniture gives you a reason to appreciate and spend time in the hallway. Add wallpapers and furniture such as a side table and a chair. This will provide a great reflection of the rest of the house. However, this is only possible in a spacious hallway.


If your hallway is narrow, you have limited decoration ideas. It is not advisable to add things like furniture because the space is too small. Besides that, a narrow hallway tends to be dark. The best way to enhance it is through painting. Use light colors to create brightness and a spacious appearance. Some of the best colors include cream and bone tomes. They also blend well with art and other wall installations.

Collection Display

A hallway creates a perfect area to display your unique collection. Those artic pieces that do not suit your living room or bedroom will decorate your hallway effortlessly. Even things such as layered books, vases, sculptural elements, and scented candles will give your hallway balance while beautifying it uniquely.

Lighting Fixtures

Nothing changes your hallway like great lighting. If this part of your house is dimly lit, it creates a wrong impression of your house. Add intrigue to your home with ceiling and sconces light fixtures. You not only enhance its aesthetic appeal but also ensure its functionality. Besides that, you can have a shiny lacquer finishing on your ceiling to bounce the light around for a well-light hallway.


Tiles are one the most practical flooring choices you have for hallways. They do not fade due to heavy traffic, and if you choose beautiful colors or patterns, they become the main feature in the hallway. Above all, tiles elongate your hallway when you for deep colors, which creates an illusion of ample space.

Herringbone Flooring

Hallways are not big, especially in modern homes. Today, houses are built on small pieces of land, and owners do not have the luxury to create spacious hallways. So, most ideas you choose to use when decorating this part of the house should make it feel bigger. Herringbone flooring comes with eye-catching designs that make a narrow hallway look long and wide. Avoid patterns as they make your already small space too busy.

Never ignore your hallway. Treat like other parts of your house where you spend most of your time. Use one or combine several ideas above, and your hallway will never feel gloomy or boring. It is easy, choose what blends with your decorations, and you are good to go. Contact us for these ideas and more; we also will help you implement them.