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Home Storage Tips for Newbies

Homemaking is an art form. Arranging your belongings in an organized and aesthetically pleasing manner is one of the craft’s most important skills. For this reason, we urge our homeowners to look into all the different storage options they have at their disposal. In addition to helping with organization, investing in home storage also helps homeowners maximize their home’s floor space.

Free Standing Closets 

One tip we give homeowners with limited closet space is to look into freestanding closets. They’re minimal and available at several price points. They can also imbue your room with an artisanal charm, and they’re perfect for flaunting some of your wardrobe’s statement pieces. Freestanding closets only require you to hang your clothes. Hanging clothes is far less cumbersome than folding every item. For this reason, your laundry’s less likely to remain a heap on your floor or some unlucky piece of furniture.

Utilize Wall Space

Another tip we give our homeowners is for them to utilize wall space as much as possible. If you’ve got a big, bare wall, you might be looking at room for a shelf. Some people choose to deck their walls with paintings, which is okay. However, shelves can also be decorative – if they’re adorned with the right things. You could place jars full of different spices on your shelf, or you could fill your shelf with books and magazines. There’s a world of possibilities to explore.

Optimize Your Kitchen Space

We also recommend that homeowners hang up their pots and pans. The hooks are minimalist and help give your kitchen a more decorative look. In addition, many of them aren’t costly and are relatively easy to install. With all those bulky pots and pans hung up, you’ll have way more space in your kitchen drawers to keep spices and other utensils. One more thing we suggest to homeowners looking to maximize their kitchen space is installing a sliding pantry. Most people install these in the space between their fridge and the closest wall. Using a sliver of space to hold your spices, snacks and cereals will go a long way in reducing your kitchen clutter.

Repurpose Household Items 

If you’re not trying to spend a fortune on storage furniture, these next few tips will help. The first one is repurposing old bins, boxes and crates into your new storage furniture. Once you’ve found a few suitable boxes and crates, give them a good clean and line their insides with soft fabrics to protect your belongings. Our next tip is to invest in many glass jars – of various sizes, of course. Jars are quite literally a storage item. Throw in a few color-coordinated labels, and you have a decorative furniture item that keeps your belongings organized.


At Grand Homes, we look to give prospective Texas homeowners all the advice they need to make their homes as functional and livable as possible. Get in contact with us at Grand Homes for more information.